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How Much and How to Give

CBD dosing seems to be particularly confusing for a few reasons.  First, the only way to figure out the total milligrams of CBD in a bottle is to reference the Certificate of Analysis and do a little math. All of the products carried by Naturally Healthy Hemp actually display the total amount of CBD right on the bottle, however, it is still important to know how many milligrams of CBD are in each drop or dropper of the particular bottle you are using. Finally, it is crucial to understand the amount that should be administered for your or your pet's bodyweight prior to administration.

To help reduce confusion, we created the following dosing guide as a starting point on your journey to relief.

Begin by selecting an appropriate starting amount based on both body weight and ailment. From there, you can refine the dosing based on the response to the initial amount. By starting low and working your way up, you can eliminate the waste of excess CBD, time, and frustration. 

It can be challenging to determine the best starting dose for various ailments.  The suggested starting amounts outlined in the chart above  are based on data from research studies, clinical trials, approved medications, and customer feedback.  When in doubt, always start lower and work your way up. More CBD does not always equal more results.  When it comes to pain or neurological issues, CBD is needed in higher amounts so starting at the moderate to severe point would be best.  For situations like stress, fear, and nerves,  CBD is best when given at a mild dose.  Higher dosing has been shown to be less effective in these cases, so adjusting the dosing based on the individual's needs is very important.

How to Give CBD is the Easy Part 

Here we have 2 options: directly in the mouth or with meals.  Given directly by mouth will provide the fastest absorption time (up to 20 mins). However, for people who do not like the taste or for animals that are not cooperative, adding it to a meal can be easier.  CBD can be added to most foods and hot beverages.  Morning coffee with CBD is a great way to start your day.  When adding CBD to food, the overall bioavailability increases.  This is because the majority of cannabinoid receptors are in the GI tract. Taking CBD with food helps to promote the body's natural digestive cycle and increase CBD absorption in the gut. For pets, adding it to their meals is not only easier, but in some cases it is also safer.  All CBD oils carried in the store have glass droppers.  When it comes to aggressive or fearful animals that may bite the dropper, we suggest using our included plastic oral dropper for safety or adding the CBD to food.

In some rare cases, there may be no good way to give by mouth.  In these cases, we suggest applying the oil slowly to the hairless part of the ear fold and gently massaging into the skin until absorbed.  This method is not ideal and can take some time, but is always good to keep as a last resort if needed.