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How to Spot Real CBD

May 28, 2020 4 min read 0 Comments

How to Spot Real CBD

The biggest problem for consumers searching for CBD oil in today's market is finding a quality product that is authentic.  There are many companies looking to cash in on the CBD market and in order to make the most money in the shortest time, they use unethical business practices.  The truth is that it's hard to run a CBD store online. In person is easier because you can ring up a cash sale and Uncle Sam is in the dark on what was sold.  Processing credit cards or selling online has many hurdles and it takes a deep understanding of the current laws and the products sold, as well as the patience to wait for months to get something simple approved.  Most US banks still treat hemp as if it were marijuana and will not do business with legitimate CBD companies. 

In fact, it took us half a year just to get our banking and merchant services setup in a lawful way.  With all of these challenges, you would think that the market would not be flooded as it is today.  However, it's actually one of the most flooded markets online right now because of all the deceptive products out there.  That is why our mission is to bring the best products we can to you.  We hope that we earn your trust and you decide to become a loyal customer, but if not then we at least want to share the knowledge of how to find quality products. 

Too many times I've had people tell me that they or their pets didn't respond to CBD, or that CBD is a scam!  After a few minutes of talking with them and finding out what they bought, almost always we discover that they were ripped off and purchased 1000mg of hemp seed oil for $19.99 online somewhere, usually Amazon.  Understanding how to read the bottle can show the difference between items that look the same, but have very different contents. Hemp seed oil is great for omega 3, 6, & 9 supplementation, but it would be much cheaper to buy almost any other high omega oil because hemp seed oil is usually overpriced and CONTAINS NO CBD!!!  That's right, hemp seed oil has 0% CBD.  In fact, it contains no cannabinoids of any kind.  It does have a great taste if used to sautéed mushrooms, and that's about it. 

Hemp seed oil is sold online because it doesn't have all the restrictions to sellers that actual CBD does and also because selling a 1oz dropper bottle of hemp seed oil online will fool most people into thinking it's CBD with a fancy product description.  Hemp seed oil, however, is sometimes used as a carrier agent, BUT always make sure that there is also a full spectrum hemp extract or CBD oil content listed on the bottle as well.

The tried and true method of making sure that your hard earned money is used to get 100% legitimate CBD oil is to check for a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).  A COA is the chemical analysis of the CBD oil and breaks down every single thing inside that bottle and tells you exactly how much active CBD is in it. That way you know that you are buying the real thing and there is no doubt.  This is one of the reasons that our store only sells products with up to date and published COAs which we put right on the product page and not hidden somewhere deep in our website or accessed through some confusing QR code.    

In the event that you can't get a COA from one of those other stores that you still really want to buy from, be careful.  They might be selling a legitimate product, it's rare, but sometimes happens since COAs are expensive to get.  The product should clearly state on the label that it contains CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and how much is actually in it.  (The COA will confirm this amount) The label should also have a very clearly stated FDA disclaimer, just like the one at the bottom of our website.  Making a bunch of medical claims is also a great way to spot a fake.  Most companies that have real CBD avoid making any medical claims because the FDA is quick to stop it.  Plastic bottles and poorly printed labels are a dead giveaway.  Plastic is cheap and can leach toxic chemicals and BPA into your oil.  Stay away.  Almost ALL legitimate companies use glass. Why? Glass doesn't contaminate the product.

If the label does not say full spectrum, PCR, with naturally occuring CBD, or if it's found on Amazon, you are probably getting ripped off.  

Why do I keep mentioning Amazon?  Well, considering that Amazon's policy bans the sale of CBD, read their policy here (section 9 H ), we strongly discourage purchasing from there.  Carefully wording the listing to avoid automatic filters and using deceptive tactics to make a sale, doesn't seem like the type of company that is genuinely interested in your health, only your wallet. 

Shop small and buy from those that can be trusted.  Avoid gas station check out lanes, Walmart, most pharmacies, that strange store that showed up one day and the clerk has to "go to the back" to get your order.... you see where I'm going with all of these. Save your money and avoid them for your next CBD purchase.  Hopefully, one day once we weed out all the bad apples, these statements won't have to be said.  But for now, I'd suggest making use of that 30 day return policy and get your money back. If you feel inclined to report unauthorized listings.... we applaud you.

Always get a COA. Always buy from a trusted source. Always ask questions if you are unsure. You can use our contact form or feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.